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Hi, I'm Dave Lewis

I am a Programmer and Computer Science graduate With an MSc in Computing with Digital Media at the University of Sussex. I currently work as a Full stack developer with a focus on React and Typescript. I have experience with 3D modelling, animation and programming for 3D. I am comfortable with both Web and Unity 3D development and am proficient in version control. I love playing and making games.

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I can code for you in many languages, here are some I'm most familiar with:
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I'm fluent with the following tools and environments:

React Spring Docker Unity 3dsmax GitHub Photoshop Zurb


Here are some of the projects I've been working on over the last couple of years, please contact me if you'd like any more information about any of these projects. Hopefully a few more projects should appear very soon.

Zombie Game

Zombie game
Solo project Created over a few nights after work. A load of annoying zombies attack a player in a procedurally genrated maze. I created all of the sound affects and voices (sorry). Unity, C#, Git, Audacity.
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Rhythm Racer

Rhythm Racer
Ludum Dare 41 Game Jam: A Rhythm Racing Game for the theme of “Incompatible Genres”. The game is a split screen racing game in which two places must complete a rhythm game to increase their acceleration as they race around a track. The game features projectile weapons on a 3d race track. Created using Unity 3d, C#, Git, 3ds Max.
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Murder With Friends

Murder With Friends
An asymmetric multiplayer game pitting a group of players on phones against someone on the pc as they explore haunted mansion. Players watch the explorer from their phones, setting off traps, releasing enemies and trying to murder their friend. Created using Unity, C#, React, Redux, Web sockets, Git.
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Power Is Everything

Power Is everything
A 2D endless runner/Shmup in which the player's health bar is also their ammo. The player must ration their ammo carefully; collecting additonal ammo packs from defeated enemies in order to defeat the boss at the end of each wave. Created as part of a 48 hour game Jam in C++ and SDL. For this project I was heavily involved in coding, design and art-work.
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Drunken Tanks

Drunken Tanks
A top-down 3D strategy Game, in which the player controls an army of tanks-under-the-influence to defeat an enemy AI. The player can build factories and turrets to defend their own base. Implemented in Unity 3D with models created in 3ds Max and audio in Audacity. Video and Exe coming soon.
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Mogre Shooter

Drunken Tanks
A 3D Arena Shooter created in C# using the Mogre engine. Implements elastic, frictional and gravitational forces. The player collects gems and modular weapons while shooting enemy robots and avoiding their firepower.
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Crossy Fox

Crossy Fox
A game about a Fox, that likes to cross roads, eat chickens, and not die. Developed in JavaScript and HTML5.
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A 2D/3D space shooter with a dimension swapping mechanic. Obstacles that cannot be dodged in one perspective can easily be avoided when switching dimensions. Developed in Unity and C#.
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(Requires a GamePad)

3D Lamp Animation

An animation of a lamp chasing a ball, and an Alien walk cycle. Animated in 3ds MAX.

3D Ball Animations

A couple of 3D animations involving balls. Animated in 3ds MAX.

Delorean 3D Render

  • Space
    3D Delorean render
  • Space
    Initial setup with blue-prints
  • Space
    Mid-way through modelling
  • Space
    Final render in an environment
A 3D model and render of a Delorean DMC-12, also rendered in an environment using a spehrical HDRI NVidia Mental Ray for photorealistic reflections. Modelled and rendered in 3ds MAX. Click on the image to view the whole library.


Heatmap title heatmap
A U.K based property price heatmap application. Users can search any city by postcode or use their current location. House prices in the area are displayed on a scale of green (cheaper) to red (expensive). By zooming in fully, individual prices are displayed. Full-stack development in Java, HTML5, PHP and SQL.

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